Financial adoption of children with a mental disability in Tanzania

Edward Emmanuel Mgala

Function: Project Manager


  • Oversee and direct daily Ngo administrative processes and procedures
  • Report to and assist Ngo in daily tasks and duties
  • Ensure Ngo policies align with and advance project objectives
  • Strategically map-out, plan, and manage projects
  • Analyse and maintain operational data
  • Communicate with management teams to confirm execution of Ngo processes
  • Train staff in policies and procedures and supervise their daily work
  • Set goals for staff and monitor their progress
  • Conduct frequent performance reviews
  • Implement improved operational measures and policies that promotes efficiency
  • Contribute to innovation of new projects
  • Coordinate purchase of raw materials and supplies
  • Develop and implement human resources practices
  • TRA, Dodoma, Hai ETC / all the reports