Financial adoption of children with a mental disability in Tanzania

Incredible Tanzania


Tanzania is a dream for all those who love nature and culture. Despite that people talk about “Beautiful Tanzania”, the population is faced daily with various social problems such as poverty, poor health services and limited healthcare. Tanzania is in the east of Africa and is surrounded by various countries including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia. The official capital is Dodoma and from there Moshi is eight- or nine-hours’ travel. It is here at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro that the Umoja project is active.

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In Africa, Tanzania is one of the most diverse countries in terms of culture. Although there are many languages, Swahili is the common language and helps to create a national identity. Along with many languages there are also many religions – among which are Christianity and Islam. The main tribal groups are the Sukuma, the Chagga, the Haya, and the Masai. Apart from nature and culture Tanzania is a heaven for coffee-lovers. It is the second largest coffee producer in Africa. Freshly roasted local coffee beans are the secret for perfect coffee.

Finally, Tanzania has an extensive culinary culture to make your mouth water. You can enjoy delicious recipes with rice, cooked bananas, beans, fish, chapati and ugali. Despite the broad choice, poor members of society are unable to enjoy it and struggle to achieve a single meal per day for the whole family.


Tanzania is rich in wildlife in all its forms. There are many opportunities to discover the spectacular nature of Tanzania. There are many national parks where wild animals can be spotted. Furthermore, there is the chance to experience the fauna and flora during walks, mountain-bike tours, public transport or private excursions. You will experience immense lakes, savannas, mountains displaying all the natural beauty of the country.


Moshi is a lively city with its own unique charm. One of which is Mount Kilimanjaro (also known as “the shy mountain”. The mountain appears aloof at first but slowly reveals its natural beauty.

You can enjoy local dishes such as rice, cooked bananas, beans, fish, chapati and ugali. A visit to the local market is truly worthwhile.

As well as the rich variety of activities in and around Moshi, there is much to discover in the city itself. In the local vegetable and fruit markets you can have great conversations with the locals and take the opportunity to buy some great souvenirs. Unfortunately, Tanzania is not just a country of natural and cultural charm but suffers from many social problems. This is why Umoja is standing on the side of those least able to endure the hardships in and around Moshi.

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