Financial adoption of children with a mental disability in Tanzania


Henny found baby Habibu when he was 2.5 months and weighed 2.5 kg. A quick intervention could save Habibu's life. Mama Habibu is mentally disabled and unable to care for her children. Despite her advanced age, her mother Bibi Habibu is her mainstay. Now 5 years later, Habibu has been entrusted back to mom. It is unintelligible but the sisters gave him back home. Umoja will take care of the mother and the 3 children in the Umoja Center. 

Thank you for the sponsors for the 3 children with disabilities. Mama Habibu works in the garden at the Umoja Center. Amiri, Saidi and Habibu are trained in the Umoja Center.


Habibu is quiet and shy. But now see for yourself how well he is doing.