Financial adoption of children with a mental disability in Tanzania


  • Born in 2018
  • Last born of his family, out of two children

Norbert is child of two years old born as first born in the family. Living with his mother who is drug addict and grandmother who is mostly taking care of her grandson. Norbert has cerebral palsy due to epilepsy which cause him not to develop normally. Since he is 2 years old. Norbert doesn’t have head control, sitting, standing and walking balance.
He has been to therapy for a long period of time. His mother doesn’t put any effort on the development of her child. She cannot do anything to support his child
In our last time of evaluation to this child we found him at home very stiff and even difficult to carry. He was in epileptic medication due to his epilepsy but when the medication end his mother take other medication for adult and gave him so he can stop those seizure episodes because the health insurance was outdated.


Doctor Emmanuel or occupational therapist Patrick make a home visit.

In this year for Norbert we advise more of exercise and medications as per schedule. His mother needs to take a lot of effort to make sure that the child develop as it’s supposed to do. Umoja is making sure a lot of time she engages him in exercise and will make a following up.
During this visit we also help the mother on the new skills to help his child to be well physically and develop normally and prevent contractures.
Also a new plan of getting health insurance so he can access health services whenever he need it
To my assessment as Umoja therapist i think if he can benefit from a corner chair . Maybe it will be better for his improvement and concerning that I took all the measurements for a corner chair.